Lucid Motors Claims 517 Miles of Range From Upcoming EV Sedan

The Lucid Air, an unabashed luxury electric expected to roll out of an Arizona factory early next year, just got the PR boost it needed. Working with FEV North America at the firm’s Auburn Hills, Michigan test center, Lucid and its partner put the Air to the test, applying standard EPA testing procedures to wring out the vehicle’s maximum driving range. The resulting number was impressive, to say the least.

Slated to come in many flavors, the Air ladder tops out at a luxed-up super sedan boasting a 130 kWh battery (of which 110 kWh is usable) and twin motors totaling 1,000 horsepower. It first appeared in early 2017, though necessary cash and brain trust collection took time. The factory is currently under construction.

Applying the EPA’s Multicycle Test Procedure to the most capable of Airs resulted in an adjusted range figure of 517 miles, Lucid claims. In its early marketing efforts, the fledgling automaker claimed a maximum range-topping 400 miles — no small distance, considering Tesla’s groundbreaking Model S has only just now eked its way up to an EPA rating of 402 miles.

When the Air debuted, 400 miles was a lofty promise, indeed. Topping 500 would do much to squash the range anxiety concerns that still dog electric vehicles, delivering Lucid bragging rights in the process.


“FEV’s exhaustive verification process closely follows the official EPA standard testing procedure and has been executed for several leading vehicle manufacturers,” the automaker said in a release. “Lucid conducted thousands of miles of real-world range testing, and FEV’s results validate these endeavors.”

All that said, the EPA has yet to issue a final range figure of its own.

Regardless, Lucid is making hay with this sunny data. CEO Peter Rawlinson credited the Air’s 900-volt architecture, miniaturized motors and transmission, aerodynamics, weight savings, and general system efficiency for setting a “new standard” for the industry.

The production version of the Air is scheduled for a September 9th reveal.